"Parallele was founded out of passion for simplicity, elegance, and timelessness.”
These words uttered by the founder of the brand, Alain Faure, still resonate in the walls of our atelier. This is our story.

From the very beginning, Marcel Faure committed himself in1964 to the development and manufacturing of high quality, refined shoes, handcrafted in France. In their atelier, Faure designs and creates shoes for the well renowned brands of his time. The French atelier became the reference in the women’s shoe industry specifically known for its elegant design and undeniable quality. This dedication and commitment to maintaining its French know-how paved way for Marcel Faure to be a renowned shoemaker.

In 1985 Alain Faure grew up with the sound of sewing machines and the smell of leather, played an active role in the creation of Parallele. The first flagship store was founded in Paris, and the brand became a reference in the French shoe industry. The brand’s heritage is continuously passed on from one generation to another.

In 2000 Innovation is the core of our development, Parallele introduced its first stretch leather boots, which later became the brand’s iconic image.

In 2021, Cherif Delamarre, head of women’s shoe design and manufacturing studio, took over the brand Parallele, accompanied by his son Maxime Delamarre, They brought a contemporary vision to the brand, while still preserving its core values and fundamentals. Together with their team, they imagine and design their collections in Paris and then handcrafted in Italy.

“For almost 50 years, Parallele adapted a creative approach, reinventing itself in every collection. Our challenge is to modernize elegance. To redefine it. Our vision is deeply rooted to parallele values of femininity, simplicity, and spontaneity. These values are always evident in our collection and resonate with the women of today. Attentive to the notions of quality and well-being.”
- Maxime Delamarre –

Today, Parallele offers affordable luxury shoes designed in Paris and handmade in Italy. The brand works exclusively with high end materials and constantly innovates in the pursuit of comfort and functional elegance. The collections are widely available in our flagship stores in Paris and major retailers such as Galeries Lafayette and Printemps. The brand is taking a leap on the digital platform by expanding its distribution on www.parallele.com

Parallele represents a woman constantly on the move, asserting her femininity.