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About us

SEMAFAURE SAS is the company in charge of the distribution of the PARALLELE brand to branches located in most of the major cities in France.

This company is part of the FAURE family group which also includes the following companies:

  • PARALLELE DIFFUSION SAS (Holding) which is in charge of the design, communication and B2B distribution activities;
  • ATELIER MARCEL FAURE SAS, shoe manufacturer created in 1964 in Rochechouart (87) in the heart of the Limousin region.

The administrative and logistical services of the three companies share the same premises just next to the factory: a means for all staff to be in direct contact with the process of creating and manufacturing the products for a common commitment towards quality and customer service.

PARALLELE-ESHOP is the internet division of SEMAFAURE SAS which allows it to extend the distribution of the PARALLELE brand, in France beyond the cities where it is represented by its points of sale, and in the rest of world wherever shoe lovers want to purchase our products, where there is no distribution through traditional points of sale.

The benefits of a purchase on PARALLELE-ESHOP:

  •      the guarantee of a high-quality, original product;
  •      the availability of articles guaranteed through the stocks held in our shops or at the factory;
  •      the possibility to offer internet users "limited edition" articles at attractive prices, offering the same quality guarantees as the brand's products sold in the network of shops.

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