In 1964 entrepreneur Marcel Faure founded a manufacture in the French region of Limousin, specialized in the production of high-end shoes for women.

Year after year, with his wife Augustine in charge of quilting, he built a brand with a strong reputation in refined Parisian boutiques and amongst demanding French customers. Since then, Parallèle’s shoes accompany women in every moment of the day, adding a touch of chic to every step.

With the combination of craftsmanship and finest materials, the company defines the French savoir-faire. Quality at the heart of its spirit. Nowadays, Parallèle is present in 11 own brand shops in the most important cities of France.

The brand’s mission is to create elegant and feminine shoes, revisiting the Parisian sophistication in a contemporary way.

Elegance, creativity, sensuality and a bit of audacity characterize and express the brand’s philosophy. Through the choice of unexpected and innovative colours, shapes and materials, Parallèle’s shoes give a twist to even the most conventional looks.

Beyond fashion: the Parallèle style.